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Top Tips

Buying a scooter can be a tricky business. Avoid the disappointment of buying a dud with our top tips on what to look out for...



Top Tips for Mobility Scooters


When buying a scooter for the 1st time it is best to go in with your eyes wide open and a level head, don't be seduced by the salesman's patter and pretty colours! These are our top tips to look out for when buying a scooter:


  1. Price and availability of parts - prices vary dramatically for makes and models of scooters. Check and compare the price of commonly replaced items such as mirrors / tyres / batteries/ drive belt. Remember to add the charge for fitting.
  2. Availability of parts can be the bane of many scooter owners (and technicians) lives, the scooter goes into the workshop for a repair which should take an hour but doesn't reappear for weeks as the part ordered isn't yet in the country.
  3. Resale value, will your scooter hold its value? take a look at classified adverts to see what the scooters 2nd hand value would be in 12 months or 2 years.
  4. Has it been in a crash? don't be worried by a few scratches but make sure they aren't an indication of more substantial damage. 
  5. Is all the paperwork there? an obvious one but important. Don't be embarrassed to check the chassis number on the scooter against that on the paper work, it’s you who is parting with the cash!
  6. If the scooter has an immobilizer, do you have the master key? The master key isn't just a spare, it's needed to program in a new lock set after an attempted theft. If not, and the only key you have is lost, it can become very expensive as on most models the CDI/immobilizer unit/s will have to be changed in addition to the lock set (think around $350.00 - ouch!).



If you have any top tips of your own or need further information please contact us by email or phone (see contacts page).